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                 Company Profile

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                     Based in Shenzhen special economic zone, SHENZHEN SAMPOO HI-TECH CO.LTD. (SAMPOO) is one of the foremost enterprises in research, development and manufacture PTC thermistors in China. With solid financial support, large investment scale and strong R & D team, SAMPOO has built up a great reputation for its reliable products quality whose products are adopted by many lighting producers, including some famous international companies.

                    After continuous operation of 10 years, SAMPOO has become one of the main exporting enterprises in the field of PTC thermistors manufacturing in Shenzhen. It has been classified as HI-TECH enterprise by Shenzhen municipal government.

                    SAMPOO has been fitted up modern manufacturing and testing equipments, which were mainly imported from Japan or Germany, including spray dryer, fully automatic press machine etc. It possesses a full set of production capacity of PTC thermistors.

                    Cooperating with the College of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, SAMPOO has taken part in a series of research projects, such as national"863projects", "key projects of ninth-five year plan" and "projects of tenth -five year torch plan" of Guangdong Province and key research projects of Shenzhen city. Strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality system, the company has successfully developed a series of PTC thermistors, of which, the quality is comparable to ceramic PTC of famous international enterprises.

                    The main products of SAMPOO includes: PTCR for Electronic ballast or energy-saving lamp starter; PTCR for circuit protection. PTCR for degaussing of color TV and color monitor; PTCR for current limitation in telecom; PTCR for motor starter etc.

                    SAMPOO persevers in the management theory of "Sincerity sets up one, innovation first". We explore actively the PTCR's application in other fields. we offer electronic devices with steady quality and reasonable price to customers as ever as before.
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                深圳市三寶創業科技有限公司 SHENZHEN SAMPAO HI-TECH CO.,LTD.
                Tel: 86-755-26759829 26759929 Fax: 86-755-26759949 E-mail: spptc@spptc.com
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